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Interview with Tryon Real - Stübben Dressage Saddles


Thanks so much to Hulinndalur, LLC Icelandic Horses and Cerice Berndsen of Tryon Real for hosting me for saddle fittings in Tryon, NC.

Multi-functional SteelTec Bits

A lighthearted overview of Stübben's SteelTec line of bits, including EZ Control, 2 in 1, and Golden Wings.

Stübben  Freedom Bridle

A product overview for my FAVORITE bridle we carry with Stübben,

Interview with Tryon Real - Stübben Equi-soft poducts


Thanks to Cerice Berndsen of Tryon Real for visiting my farm and letting me discuss Stübben's impressive line of Equi-Soft and Freedom products that offer ergonomic tack to make horse and rider more comfortable!

Stübben Genesis D Saddle

Product overview for the Genesis D Dressage Saddle

Stübben Biomex Seat

How the Biomex seat relieves pressure to the rider's spine through targeted cushioning. Literally saves your butt (and back)!

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