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Katherine is the consummate professional and is so good at her job! We tried several saddles, she evaluated my needs and the needs of my horse and came up with the perfect saddle for us! Even when there was a minor issue, she handled it beautifully and my OTTB and I couldn't be happier. Katherine will be my saddle fitter for as long as she'll allow it!

Kristen - Tennessee

Katharine is an amazing, thorough and magical saddle fitter. She takes the time to feel where the horse may be tender and not just throw saddles and look at him. She then puts each saddle on them and shows you exactly why they are or are not good. She was the first saddle fitter I had that actually took the one saddle that will tide me over and saw my horse move in it. I have never had a fitter actually watch me get on my horse tacked up and watch him move under saddle. She thoroughly explained every detail as she went. She altered the pad underneath until we got it right and even offered to come back when I get a pad and the right gullet to make sure Joey is comfy and good to go until I get a better saddle suited to him for life. I had no idea we were riding in a saddle that did not fit him at all. I learned so much. I highly recommend Katharine to anyone for saddle fitting and would not use anyone other than her after this. I have never felt my usual lazy horse move like he did, nor my seat feel so balanced and straight after Katharine came out and this is just the saddle "to get by with". Five Stars All The Way!!!
Joy - South Carolina

I have had my saddle adjusted in the past but really had no idea what a “real” saddle fitting was supposed to be like until Katharine. She spent about 2 hours evaluating my horse for sore spots, me riding the horse, took pictures, and measurements. It is apparent that Katharine takes pride in her work and wanted me and my horse to feel better together. After Katharine completed the adjustment I saddled up one more time and I could tell immediately that my horse was moving more freely. I will definitely call on Katherine to adjust my saddle in the future.

Bree - South Carolina

Katharine Stancliff is an amazing woman and an amazing saddle fitter. She is straightforward, knowledgeable, kind and always thinking of other's (horse and riders) needs first. If you haven't met her, much less had the privilege of her fitting your horse, you are missing out. She was able to fit my sensitive warmblood with a saddle that helped him showcase the potential we had not yet seen. She was able to come up with a combination that was best for myself and my horse to ensure both our comforts were met. I am a shorter than average dressage rider and she was able to give me not one but multiple options to choose from!

Monica - Tennessee

Love my new Stübben! Katherine was full of knowledge and fitted my 5y/o OTTB perfectly! Can't wait to be able to use it on him once he recovers from his injury, but my mare is the lucky one by getting to use a one and only Srübben saddle! Definitely recommend Katherine and will be using her again for any saddle fitting needs! 

Rated 5 Stars on Facebook

Delaney - Tennessee

Great and knowledgeable service with integrity! True local resource.

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Jenny - North Carolina

It's really nice to have Katharine so local. She fit a wonderful saddle to my Paso Fino for trail riding. Who knew a Dressage Saddle would be so comfortable!

Rated 5 Stars on Facebook

Missy - South Carolina

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