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Saddle Fitting

Stübben Custom Fitting

Email, call, or connect with me on social media to schedule a custom fitting to find the perfect Stübben saddle for you and your horse. After we talk and discuss any fitting issues you or your horse are currently dealing with, I can bring out my wide variety of demo saddles to determine your perfect fit. Most of the fitting is performed in the arena (or flat area of field) with the horse in motion and the rider mounted to properly assess the balance of the saddle on the horse. Once we determine the fit and features needed for the horse's ideal fit, then I focus on the rider's needs to be balanced and correctly aided by the saddle. Then we marry those both together to create the ideal saddle for horse and rider.

Appointment fee: $150

Fitting Other Brands

Fitting your current saddle (all other English saddle brands accepted) or trying new saddles. We will go through a full examination of the fit and function of your saddle(s) static and mounted on your horse to ensure proper balance and comfort. Flocking adjustments also available on site for smaller jobs or off-site for more complicated needs (additional cost for flocking, see below).

Appointment fee: $150

Multi-horse discount

For rider's with more than 3 horses, instead of the standard $150 appointment fee per horse, the rate will be broken down to hourly instead. Repairs and flocking will still incur additional fees, call for a quote.

Hourly rate: $75 per hour for basic services


Check fit, balance, and slight flocking adjustment of your current saddle

Appointment fee: $175

Total reflock, deep cleaning, check internal tree stability

Fee: $400

Leather Repairs

Billet replacement

Fee: Long billets $45/per billet

        Short billets $40/per billet

Point Billet replacement

Fee: $200-290 ask for quote


Due to the increased effort, replacing point billets (first billet attached directly to the tree point) has an increased cost.

Stitching repairs

Fee: $75 per hour of work (varies by job)

Additional costs

Stancliff Saddle Fitting is available for out of town/state clients but additional mileage costs may apply.

Additional $25 per hour of travel from Campobello, SC

Shipping saddles available through FedEx. Contact for details.

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